The Benefits of Juicing

In recent years, people have become more and more health conscious, as Vegans have become more and more active bringing “cruelty-free” diets and “exploitation-free” manufacturing to the attention of the general public.

While I am not a supporter of Veganism, simply because I do not agree that Vegans hold the ultimate secret to “saving the planet”, there are certain facets of the Vegan diet that I would advocate to a health-conscious individual. One such facet is juicing.

Some of the great benefits of juicing:

Saving Time

One immense benefit of juicing is the fact that the nutrients of whatever we juice become available in “one quick gulp,” so to speak. To the person whose daily agenda is packed with too many things to stop and take an hour for lunch, the peace of mind of being able to have a “glass full of goodness” for lunch before they carry on with their day, is priceless. Juicing is a simple but quick way to get the nutrients that your body needs. Real nourishment is always just a glass of juice away.

Contrary to buying your juice at your local supermarket, making your own juice is an effective method of ensuring that you properly nourish your body.

Juicing enhances Your Immune System

A great many of the nutrients that improve and maintain your immune system are contained within the constitution of fruits and vegies, which retain most of their vitamins, minerals and plant phyto-nutrients. These immune-boosting micro-entities are responsible for running an entire organism’s metabolism, protecting against, among others, viral infections, bacterial infestations, cardiovascular disease, cancer and inflammatory conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis.

Consuming juice is a particularly effective method of ensuring that one’s immune system works correctly. These micro-entities are specifically geared to detox your body to get rid of toxins and defend against colds and flu that can be easily contracted via crowds in public, schools and offices. When you feel a cold or flu coming your way, grabbing a glass of nutrient-packed homemade juice will defend your body against the onslaught.

The fact that these nutrients are absorbed a lot faster and easier via a glass of juice than via a whole carrot or a fruit salad is an extra side-benefit of juicing ones fruit and vegies. When changing to a lifestyle of juicing instead of eating whole fruits and vegies, you could always make up for the loss of fibre by using the separated pulp discarded by a centrifugal juicer in recipes for side dishes or desserts.

Juicing and mixing Fruit and Vegetables

The goodness of vegies can be made available in a healthy, fun, convenient and attractive way by extracting the juice to serve with your breakfast or supper, or as a refreshing beverage on a hot summer afternoon. Super foods such as spinach, beetroot, cucumber, kale, ginger and curcumin can be combined in a medley of goodness and flavour by adding fruits such as lemon, blueberries, apples, kiwis and oranges. There are recipes available online to help with this. Just remember that ginger is a strongly flavoured root, as is Curcumin root. Be careful how much of these you use to avoid the whole litre of juice going down the drain.

The most prominent benefit of many fruits and vegies, such as oranges, lemons, blueberries, kale, spinach, beetroot, ginger and curcumin is the amount of anti-oxidants contained within them.

Fruit- and Vegetable Juices as Part of Your Diet

The fruit- and vegetable content of your meal plan may vary from other meal plans. However, most meal plans include fruit and vegies, and it is easy to include them in the form of homemade juices.

  • Benefits of some of the more prominent of popular vegies and fruits are:
  • Beetroot and carrots: anti-oxidants and a high concentration of beta-carotene, which improves your vision;
  • Spinach and kale: anti-oxidants and a high calcium content which strengthens bones and teeth;
  • Berries, especially Blueberries: very high in almost every nutrient you can think of; a superfood that should be in every health conscious person’s diet;
  • Ginger: Known to help with digestion.
  • Curcumin: Known to support the liver.
  • Pineapple: Known to help with digestion.


These are only a few of the great benefits that juicing provides. To learn more, browse the internet and read up on juicing, fruits, vegetables, and especially juicers. The type of juicer you use makes all the difference, so it makes sense to do some research before you decide on the specific juicer that will serve your lifestyle the best.

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